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Tokyo, Jul 7, 2019 – (Asia Presswire) – In the second half of 2019, the TNG project in Crypto Valley, Switzerland is noticed by more people. It proposed a traffic sharing and distributed storage protocol for 5G, which promoted the popularization and development of 5G at the application level.


With the advent of the 5G era, the transmission speed has been greatly improved. With the launch of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain have developed rapidly, new applications such as mobile apps, social media, webcast, short video and other new applications have emerged continuously, reconstructing the media pattern and public opinion ecosystem.


At present, major countries around the world have clearly put forward 5G pilot plans and commercial timetables, including China, the European Union, Japan and South Korea have promoted from the government level and invested in enterprises to accelerate the commercial pace of 5G. In 2018, South Korea achieved the debut of 5G on the Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics; in 2019, during the two sessions of China, the 5G vocabularies appeared frequently, and the 5G war between China and the United States has been at loggerheads.


As a new generation of mobile communication technologies, 5G (5th generation mobile networks) is often considered as an extension of 4G (4th generation mobile networks), in fact that was not the case. 5G also represents a more stable network connection, the improvement of transmission capacity and the decrease of network latency, which brings more possibilities for the comprehensive intelligence of social production and personal life.


The combination of 5G and blockchain is considered to be the best matching scheme. In specific scenario applications, 5G technologies can accelerate the landing of blockchain application, and blockchain technology can assist 5G to solve some shortcomings of the underlying communication protocol, such as privacy, security, trust and other issues, and it will also bring new ideas to 5G applications. The combination of the two may have application possibilities in scenarios such as Internet of Things, big data and AI, unmanned driving and so on, and is expected to promote the development of smart cities, digital society, asset’s lauching on the blockchain and other fields.


On the one hand, it solves the problem of deep coverage of 5G, and at the same time it allows users to enjoy the speed of 5G at a lower tariff; on the other hand, the increase of transmission speed and the existence of the Interconnection of Everything will inevitably put forward higher requirements for the storage and download of data. It uses peer-to-peer transmission mechanism and IPFS fragmented storage technology to solve the storage problem of huge data. Third, it is compatible with Ethereum’s smart contracts, which is convenient for developers to use; Fourth, its main cross-chain mechanism also facilitates the data connection between different public blockchain, which brings the possibility of the dapp store in the blockchain era.


For the vision and solution of TNG, I believe that this is a feasible implementation plan, which uses traffic sharing as an entrance to popularize the application of TNG blockchain, which will bring more C-end users, thus promoting the development of B-end users, it will be more advantageous than some public blockchain built simply using the concept of distributed storage. We will wait and see on the development of this project.

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