“How to Launch and Market a Book: Six Month Countdown” by Dr. Melissa Caudle Makes a Difference for Authors

Proven formula on how to launch a book as the #1 New Releasee on Amazon now available as an audible book.

N ew Orleans, LA – July 22, 2019 – American author, Dr. Melissa Caudle, best know for her books, “Never Stop Running,” and “A.D.A.M. The Beginning of Life,” is setting the standard for authors when it comes to launching and marketing her books. Both books launched on Amazon as the #1 New Release. “It took me a while and ten books later, but I finally figured out the formula,” Caudle said in an interview with Carol Michaels, President of Absolute Author Publishing House. “I had to figure out something because my books were getting lost in the millions of books available. So, I went full force and learned how to market. It wasn’t easy, and it took a year or more, but I learned.” Now after successfully launching her novels as the #1 New Release on Amazon, Caudle decided to share the wealth of knowledge. Her book, “How to Launch and Market a Book: Six Month Countdown,” outlines her strategies and is now available in paperback, eBook, and audible which is narrated by Timothy Burke. Time and time again, the methods she presents worked for authors such as Peter J. Liang for his book “I Am a Leader: A 90-Day Leadership Journal For Kids,” and L. A. Davis author of “Where Are My Children?” Both author’s books were launched using the formula in Caudle’s book.


From the #1 New Release Author, Dr. Melissa Caudle comes the secrets of launching and publishing a book as an independent author. Why waste hundreds of hours trying to find this information or spend hundreds of dollars on webinars? Have you been there and done that? This book is an essential resource for authors who desire to have their book reach the #1 New Release as it provides specific steps during the pre-launch of a book six months out to marketing it once it is released. The advice and steps supplied throughout the book are golden. If you are an author, you need this book.


I have saved thousands of dollars on marketing by using Caudle’s book. She was on target and my book has been selling like hotcakes on a Sunday morning since I used her strategies.” Marion Flowers

This book is amazing. Straight to the point. Gets the job done and doesn’t leave anything to chance. If you want to sell your books, then buy this one first.” Henry Wilford

At first I was overwhelmed by everything Dr. Mel presented. I even wondered if she was crazy. Then, my husband convinced me that I should try the method’s because frankly my book had only sold about forty times. Then, bam! I did everything she said to do in the book and now I am averaging about thirty-two sales a day. I am finally going to get to go on my dream cruise.” Doreen Atworth

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