Blockchain game platform, the indisputable No. 1 player in the global Game Dapp market, an EOS-based blockchain game platform by FL Entertainment, tops global Dapp market. According to the official global Dapp market analysis sites, Dapp Review and Dapp Radar, Felix ranked number 1 in global Dapp market within two months after its launch in February.

Although Dice and Bluebet rank 2nd and 3rd respectively but the gap is significant and Felix’s run is expected to continue for the time being. Currently, EOS-based Dapps are being considered weak enough that they are even called dead except for DEFI. However,Felix is ​​leading the entire Dapp market with first rank for several months. (In actual terms, Felix has more volume and users than Exchange Dapp)

What are the reasons behind Felix retaining the No.1 rank

Firstly, smooth communication between team and the users can be cited as a major driving force. Currently, Felix team operates a telegram channel in 8 languages ​​covering 95% of the world’s population with an operating system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It offers real time communication service to users globally.

Secondly, it has advanced technology of Felix development team. Because of EOS main net instability issues that erupted continuously from last year, Felix development team designed and developed its own source technology and supplement through which services can be used without problems in any situation.

Thirdly, user-oriented and sharing based revenue distribution structure.

Other DAPPs or game platforms have no guarantees and considerations for profitability of users. In other words, the user’s purpose is only to enjoy game and there is no profit distribution structure except for the rewards provided by the company through simple events.

On the other hand, Felix is to ​​implement a Payback policy that distributes 80% of the team’s operating profits to all the users participating in the game.

When a user participates in the game, a certain percentage of FLX tokens get mined and holders of FLX tokens share the team operating profit once a day in proportion to the number of FLX tokens they hold. The team operation revenue is divided once a day in proportion to the number of FLX tokens held by the person.

* The rate of return paid in this way is currently close to 6% per month as of September!

Starting with its first listing on the Newdex exchange on September 10, 2020, Felix is ​​expanding its listing on domestic as well as international exchanges including Bitthumb Global. The company is in close communication with major exchanges and focusing on global marketing. Major markets for promotion include Southeast Asia, India, China and the US.

It is noteworthy that usage of crypto currency in suitable places has been a major problem in the ecosystem so far. Most of the coins were simply used for the purpose of speculation. Numerous coin companies tried to provide various types of usage in order to resolve this problem, however, none of the cryptocurrencies have yet achieved clear results.

Nonetheless, Felix started its service with the goal of truly becoming a profit-sharing economy platform that shares company profits by only holding FLX tokens distributed through action mining such as playing game and in fact, all users of Felix play games without any conditions.

The company’s profits are automatically getting doubled just by playing. Felix Team’s dreams and policies, which seemed impossible to realize began to be passed on to people around the world and now it has grown into a platform that remains No. 1 in the global Dapp market.

In future, the Felix team plans to offer diverse uses of FLX tokens through real product payment events and collaboration with world-leading eSports and game companies. It can checked through Felix Team’s Whitepaper and IR website.

Felix will solve the problems such as profit distribution in the existing game platforms. It will enable a fair profit distribution and transparent operation. Explaining Felix’s business model, CEO Shin Min-cheol said,

 “On the Felix platform, all the game usage history is transparently disclosed and platform activities (mining, dividends, event participation, item purchases, etc.) are also recorded in blocks. Felix will convert these records into smart contracts and reward users with FLX tokens according to their activities on platform. Felix promises to ensure fair returns to all of its members.”

Felix is receiving wide range attention in the eSports industry and experts are expecting that the future-oriented game entertainment platform created with the influx of game business know-how and blockchain expertise will maximize the ROI of investors. Experts say that Felix is going to create a virtuous cycle business ecosystem in which all participants of the platform share economic profits.

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