Seamless Access To Property Mortgage & Working Capital Loans: The Dawn Of Rapid Growth For Singapore’s SMEs

Avant Consulting Creates A Viable Opportunity for SMEs in Singapore to Enjoy a Steady Cash Flow for their Businesses

Singapore – September 21, 2020 – Over the years, access to SME Business Term Loans & Corporate Loan Financing for SMEs has remained a thorn in the side for entrepreneurs in Singapore. 

Endless negotiations for the best rates and the time involved in reaching out to all 16 banks and 16 temporary bridging loan participants in Singapore seem to be the top-ranking challenges facing entrepreneurs whenever there is a need for corporate loan financing options.

Amidst all these challenges, a lot of SME businesses have seen their untimely exit from the Singapore business circle due to little or insufficient working capital and cash flow, which is the inevitable lifeline for the survival of any business.

Nevertheless, at the end of this dark tunnel of financial instability for many business and property owners in Singapore, a radiant beam of light is shining through every dark corner as Avant Consulting steps in to take up the burden of securing Business Term Loan and Mortgage Loan for both business and property owners alike.


Avant Consulting is a renowned and reputable Singapore SME Bank Loan Experts with credible records of success when it comes to helping entrepreneurs secure SME Business Terms Loans to finance and support their businesses at the best rates.

Being a firm with outstanding performances for almost a decade, with a team of seasoned Corporate Financing Advisers, Avant Consulting has continued to provide a turnkey solution for SME businesses to avert the confusing and overwhelming rigors of securing a loan from Singapore banks.

And as a way of reaching out to residential property owners who are also in dire need of a new home loan brokering, as well as home refinancing, Avant Consulting has recently launched a new loan brokering division called Avant Mortgage to provide seamless access to finance for property owners since they already have a property that can secure their loan grant.

Speaking further in an interview, Mr. Tommy Koh, who is the Director, Avant Consulting, said –

“Our ultimate goal as a professional Singapore Business Loan & Corporate Bank SME Loan Brokering firm is to help our clients enjoy better access to business financing for their SME business through our Business Financing Consultancy Services. And as a way of straddling the fence between business owners and property owners, we also provide expert Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Mortgage Loan Counselling for both new purchases as well as Mortgage Refinancing under or most recent Mortgage Loan Division.”

With such a giant and professional step to provide SME Business Terms Loans & Corporate Loan Financing options for business and property owners in Singapore, Avant Consulting has come on stage to breathe life into already-dying SMEs, and by extension, boost the Singaporean economy.

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