Trevor B Eckhart from Westfield Massachusetts logs his thoughts on security in the IoT age

In 2021 the average individual’s online exposure has grown beyond comprehension. Contractors are installing devices and building smart homes at record paces, individuals are carrying around vast amounts of private information in their palms and competitors in the business world are always trying to gain any advantage possible. Private data in the wrong hands can cost revenue or even possibly end in arrest. Trevor B Eckhart of Westfield Massachusetts announced today the expansion of consulting services offered to Western Massachusetts on “Security has always been a passion of mine but often a last priority for many people. I am equipped to solve that issue for everyone from a paranoid individual to massive corporations,” Mr. Eckhart was quoted as saying.

The number of connected devices is an increasing trend that shows now signs of slowing down.  According to Statista there will be over 300 million smart houses by the year 2023. Every camera, raspberry pi, cable box, weather station, barometer, etc will all require their firmware updates and security access rules of their own. Additionally businesses will require custom integrations between these devices but many do not have the means to tackle the project.  The importance of having a White Hat hacker on your side to secure you from these situations cannot be understated. Businesses have even more risk of intellectual property theft, while everyone has the possibility to be exposed to blackmail or in extreme cases false arrest.

Trevor B Eckhart is uniquely qualified and has vast experience from many of his past projects.  He has designed and secured networks of all sizes, investigated rootkits, written open source software and more. To learn more about his work and investigations visit

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