The National Mail Order Weed Race is Heating up in the advent of legalization

The mail order marijuana race is on full fledge.  Companies such as Cookies SF and popular dispensaries around Colorado have started to offer shipping services.  Most of these shipping services evolved from delivery services in legal states.  With the advent of federal legalization, every dispensary and delivery service around the country is gearing up for this 100 billion dollars market that will see it grow by an average of 20 percent for the next 10 years.  

Shops such as The Pot Shop, has already moved ahead and started offering clients around the nation a wide selection of goods for shipping that were previously only available in legal states such as California.  

Shops such as the pot shop at is launching several exciting new products as well.  Those includes pure 99 percent THC/CBD 1:1 Ratio oil and special extraction rosin from rare genetics only found in some pockets in the mountains of Northern California.  Other shops such as tweed call themselves the uber of weed where they are expanding their local delivery expansion to all 50 states. 

But with the pandemic and people’s reluctancy of meeting one another, the most delivery services are pivoting towards mail order services as the cost of running a mail order business is much less than a delivery service.  The good news is that the lesson and hardship of mail ordered weed has been experienced by Canada, so the US will be in good standing when this sort of retail habits for marijuana go main stream.

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