Personal Trainer Re-Engineers Indoor Rower into a Multi-Functional Cross-Trainer

ATLANTA, GA – April 2, 2021 – “Indoor Rower Meets Total Gym.” That’s the concept behind the patent-pending HYBRID Cross-Trainer, developed by Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Lisa Campbell.

The indoor rower is considered one of the best machines for improving muscular strength and cardiovascular health; however, since its inception in the mid-1800s, little has been done to improve its versatility and functionality.  As a huge fan of the indoor rower, Campbell, who is also the owner of Imagin Fitness, LLC, developed the HYBRID Cross-Trainer entirely through hands-on experimentation. She said: “While using the conventional rowing machine, I would perform various modifications that resulted in more variety and greater benefit than was possible within the confines of existing rowers.”

Touted as the only All-In-One, Adjustable-Angle Power Rower, the patent pending HYBRID Cross-Trainer is full-spectrum cardio-strength equipment, with variable and body-weight resistance exercise.  Boasting a variety of features it allows users to achieve superior full-body workouts, without moving from one machine to another.  Some of the improvements of this superlative machine consist of incline and decline positioning for added resistance against gravity, Twin Cables that enable a full spectrum of upper body exercise, Pivoting Footrests to recruit more muscle fibers, a Swivel Seat that allows exercise in a rear-facing position and a Flatbed Accessory for lying exercises.  Among the electronic features; a Front-Facing Camera for engaging with coaches and peer exercisers, real-time Performance Feedback, Widescreen Touch Display and Electronic Voice Command.

Asked about her motivation for bringing her Multi-Functional Cross-Trainer to market, Campbell explained: “It’s critical, now more than ever, that people begin to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.  I want others to gain the same enthusiasm and enjoyment that I experience during exercise.  When fitness is fun and offers variety, it just becomes something you want to do.”

Campbell’s Hybrid Cross-Trainer offers 95% muscle engagement – from quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves, to chest, back, arms, shoulders and core.  With an assortment of interchangeable accessories and quick, easy adjustments, users will have dozens of exercises at their finger tips. The HYBRID Cross-Trainer is versatile as it is effective; however, to transform her fitness equipment into reality, Campbell has turned to the crowd-funding platform IndieGogo, in efforts to fund its prototyping, production, marketing and warehousing.   Supporters can back the campaign by purchasing one or more raffle tickets at the cost of $250 each, to be in the running to win one Hybrid Cross-Trainer.  Or they can snap up the early bird special, paying only $2,599 to own one of the machines when production is complete.

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