Artist Kreyonbox drops a demo tape : ” Mailed From The Plains ” .

Artist Kreyonbox Released his third project , a demo tape , called ” Mailed From The Plains ” which includes 4 songs . The tape is about 13 minutes and 23 seconds long and was released on March 8 th of 2021 on multiple platforms.

The first song ” Coded Freestyle ” is apparently an edited version of a Jwein Network Freestyle where Kreyonbox seems to go non stop on a trap type beat . In the freestyle , he gives a shout out to Dj Teesee who is a female Dj that made the introduction of his last album.

The Second song “Indecisive” gives a more vunerable Kreyonbox , where he sings his heart out and talks about a past relationship or a current one , it is very hard to tell since he is a very private artist . In the third track , Still Loving Me , he creates a master piece where he is rapping and singing at the same time . Certain critics online say that the song reminds them of Kreyonbox old mixtapes , however “Still Loving Me ” is already one the most succesful song of the tape so far . Rumors going around is that this song is one of the most purchased song of his itunes catalog :

In the last song , Kreyonbox is accompanied by a female artist who goes by Teeneessa , in some type of singing duo . The name of the song says it all , ” trust issues ” , they are singing about a relationship filled with trust issues and such . This tape caught us by suprise because there was no annoucememt but it is already gaining momentum in the Freskau Music world and the views are already going up fast on his spotify :

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Freskau
Contact Person: Tony Becker
Email: Send Email
Phone No: 1 – 978 -857 – 9345
Country: United States
Website Url:


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