Motion Elevator Corporation Provides All-Inclusive Boston Elevator Services

Dorchester, MA— For almost a decade Motion Elevator Corporation has offered three distinct categories of elevator service to clientele in the Boston area: commercial, residential, and emergency. Because of their ability to work with a range of clients, Motion Elevator Company has become known as the leading elevator service provider in Boston and surrounding areas.

Motion Elevator Corporation has proudly served the businesses of Boston, Dorchester, Quincy, and beyond for almost ten years. They assist companies with elevator installation, repair, maintenance, and modernization. The company understands how vital elevators are for the daily operation of all local businesses with multiple floors. Landlords who need reliable vertical transportation for their tenants, as well as office building owners who need dependable lift services, can turn to Motion Elevator Corporation for all elevator work.

The company extends their Boston elevator services to the home. They assist locals with elevator, dumbwaiter, and wheelchair lift installation, repair, and maintenance. Those having trouble with mobility in their homes are likely to find assistance through Motion Elevator Company’s expertise. Additionally, those who often need to move heavy loads throughout their home have been delighted by the company’s dumbwaiter services.

For clients experiencing an emergency with their elevator, they can call Motion Elevator Corporation at any time. With 24/7 support, Motion Elevator Corporation clients feel that they are always in good hands and that their concerns will be addressed promptly with every emergency call. Technicians from the company will work diligently, carefully, and tirelessly until the problem is fixed. They will also schedule follow-up maintenance so that the issue does not make a resurgence in the future.

Motion Elevator Corporation takes pride in the quality services they offer, coupled with a fair and honest pricing system. They do not believe in adding surprise charges to their clients’ accounts. Instead, they take the time to walk their clients through each step of their process and provide prices upfront. Customers have praised the company for their clear communication and transparency, in addition to completing the needed work quickly and sufficiently.

The elevator service is also happy to offer modernization on all elevator and dumbwaiters, as well as provide certification. They will ensure that all local elevators to Boston are safe for local employees and guests. Motion Elevator Corporation is proud to serve as an all-inclusive Boston elevator repair service. As a result, clients do not have to deal with several companies to have their issues resolved: they can call Motion Elevator to fix everything.

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Company Name: Motion Elevator Corporation
Contact Person: Tom McLean
Phone No: 855-600-1206
Address: 79 Freeport Street
Country: United States
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