16 year old sensation ‘yng saidi’ is making the world a better place with his benevolent nature

The young boy is bringing hope to the life of hopeless people

Saidi is paving way to success and being a role model to the youth. The Egyptian born kid who is based in Amsterdam is making waves and enhancing the lives of the less privileged people in the world. The 16 year old hardworking boy is planning to join Hollywood with the intention to work with renowned and top artists. He 10.1k followers on his official instagram @yngsaidi and continues to get more support throughout the world.

With the sole intent of changing the world for better and having positive impact on humanity, saidi who has a net worth of  over 370k has spent over 70% of his worth towards donation for food in yemen, planting of trees, and paying for scholarship for people out of the hood.

Saidi is inspiring the youth and guiding them to success. He wants to inspire and be the motivation to the world to make it out and make the youth acknowledge that there is a whole new lifestyle outside of living in luxury without remembering the vulnerable ones.

Saidi is on his way up and there’s more to this kid than just going into Hollywood with so much ambition and passion. He wants to change the world and impact it in a really big way. He is making sure people will know his name and the influences that he would accomplish. Saidi is on the rise to stardom and it’s time for everyone to acknowledge it.

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For more information about Saidi, please visit https://instagram.com/yngsaidi?igshid=1sn223ppjgkhn

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Country: Netherlands
Website Url: https://instagram.com/yngsaidi?igshid=1sn223ppjgkhn

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