African Greats Lend their names to FinTech startup BloxXwop

BloxXwop, a new up and coming cryptocurrency Exchange platform is changing the way we look at global inclusion and financial diversification worldwide.

Mamadou Toure, founder of the Ubuntu coin is supporting BloxXwop by helping the misfortuned gain greater financial access.

Among him are Joseph-Antoine Bell and Bako Ambianda, on Forbes Magazine Africa’s 30 under 30, for the BloxXwop cause. We are pleased to introduce these partnerships in support of a continued effort to expand cryptocurrency access to disenfranchised regions of the world, while creating a platform that is accessible for all. Get up to speed with the news on Bloxx Street as we continue to educate and build a better tomorrow.

While the enthusiasm surrounding digital currencies is fairly new in the financial industry, its potential reach and future for global adoption is quite astounding. We are proud to partner with individuals that amplify the voices of the disregarded to bring cryptocurrency to a greater audience. Visit us at

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