The Multi-Functional Cigar Lighter Every Cigar Fan Needs

SHENZHEN, CHINA – XIFEI is pleased to discuss their multi-functional cigar lighter that is transforming the way that people enjoy their beloved cigars. This is a convenient tool that allows customers to carry everything that they need to enjoy their cigar, without having every individual tool. Customers get all of this in a compact and easy to carry with them wherever they go. The customer’s cigar enjoyment is highly dependent in having the right equipment. That is why customers need to get the XIFEI All-in-One Lighter, the must-have gadget for every cigar lover.


The first thing that customers will notice about this multi-functional cigar lighter is how lightweight but high quality this tool is. Not only does this tool have a butane lighter that can be replenished as needed, but it also has a cigar stand, cigar draw enhancer, and the cigar puncher. There are a lot of misconceptions that multi-functional items like this one is that they aren’t high quality items and don’t work as well as one may want them to. That may have been the case before, but it’s certainly not the case now.

What makes this product even more incredible? When customers use this product with the XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar, they are going to have the best experience possible as they enjoy their cigar. The quality of the humidor can have a major impact in the quality of the cigars as they are stored, which is why it can be so important for customers to get the best option available to them. The XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar has a simple and easy to use design that is perfect for storing cigars.


There are plenty of features of this multi-functional cigar lighter that make it such a great option for you or the cigar lover in anyone’s life. These features include:

  • High-quality ignition port that ensures the ignition lights every time.
  • A cigar puncher that creates an 8mm diameter hole punch, manufactured with very sharp blades and high-quality steel.
  • A cigar holder that offers horizontal support to display your cigar or hold it for you.
  • A cigar stand that holds the cigar upright for vertical display.

XIFEI is a brand that is known for both their quality of products and their innovations that transform the cigar experience for cigar lovers. This multi-functional cigar lighter and humidor jar are just a few examples of this brand’s dedication to innovation and releasing top-notch products.

The enjoyment of a cigar is only as amazing as the tools that you use to enjoy it. Instead of carrying around many tools for whenever the mood to smoke a cigar hits, using this convenient and high-quality multi-tool is exactly what you need. Customers have pretty much everything that they need to enjoy a cigar, in one convenient and lightweight package.

XIFEI specializes in the production and sales of high-end cigar smoking accessories, designed specifically for creating the best experience for cigar lovers everywhere. This company is constantly working towards creating and improving products, making them a trusted name in cigar accessories.

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