Office of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed al Maktoum will take over Seven Hills Medical Hospital in Mumbai by investing 650 million aid to boost up the health and tourism sector.

During this era, the pandemic has adversely affected the global economy. Countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are facing grave economic regression. Banks are running out of finances and are unable to provide backing to businesses. The percentage of new loans and other credit facilities offered by these banks in these countries has almost stalled.

His Excellency Ahmed Aljariri is an Entrepreneur and CEO of The Private Office of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed al Maktoum and office of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed al Maktoum investment is in process of taking over Seven Hills Medical Hospital in India’s financial capital Mumbai. A unique product will be launched along with the funding. The office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan has therefore been shortlisted by the NCLT committee last week. Now, it poses a tough stance to the leading companies of India.

The Office of His Highness along with a medical tourism company in Dubai will fund the hospital. The aim is to enhance experiences in the medical sector.

 In this tie-up, medical health tourism packages will serve as add-on products. This includes various packages for pre-scheduled surgeries, operations and treatments along with travel, stay, hospitalization, post-hospitalization care, etc. Based on the client’s budget, the packages are characterized into economy, silver, gold and platinum. The package cost in comparison to the developed countries will be approximately 35% to 40% lesser. As per reports from the office of His Highness, there will be a collaboration with the Caribbean nations. The scheme will also be a crucial factor in boosting Dubai tourism as there are no direct flights between Caribbean countries and India. Dubai will serve as a transit route adding up comfort to the journey. The hospital will provide qualitative treatment of global standard by experienced medical professionals

The packages ensure that people in GCC can avail treatments at affordable prices. As per the predicted charts, the revenue of the project will be approximately 120 million in three years.

Treatments requiring invasive medical procedures such as open-heart surgeries, kidney transplant, liver transplant, angioplasty will also be a part of the packages offered by the medical tourism company under the category of critical health treatment packages. Post hospitalization, the patient will be shifted to a 4 or 5-star hotel accompanied by a 24 hours nursing staff till the time the patient recovers.

Cosmetic surgeries such as gastric bypass, breast uplifting, lip and nose reshaping, male breast reduction, butt shaping will also be a part of the packages.

The deal is almost finalized for the Seven Hills Hospital. The representatives of the office of His Highness are negotiating with the local municipal body and Maharashtra government to proceed with the execution. As per sources, the Maharashtra government will receive approximately 225 million aid (450 crore INR) Also, the medical tourism package product will be launched within 4 to 5 months.


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