Introducing Project Inverse: Vault Pass Program

Dear Project Inverse Community,

We are pleased to present the Project Inverse Vault Pass Program. This unique program is a multi-tiered reward system available to XIV holders who stake and help support the Project Inverse Liquidity Pool.

After successfully launching the Inverse platform last month, we shared details about the liquidity pool and staking opportunities in prior communications earlier this month. To view an introductory article on the Project Inverse Liquidity Pool, please click here.

The goal of the Vault Pass Program is to consistently offer long term value and additional utility for the XIV token. These rewards are in addition to sharing in a portion of the revenue earned from the Inverse/In-Line tracking vaults on the Inverse Platform. Three unique categories of earning additional XIV tokens are:

  • APY Rewards
  • Flash Vault Listings & Airdrops
  • Strategic Early Access Deals

APY Rewards

APY rewards will be given to XIV holders who stake the appropriate amount of XIV tokens into the Liquidity Pool. Any user that stakes 10,000 XIV or more into the Liquidity Pool will earn 36% APY on their funds. Please note that your initial contribution to the LP will be locked in the platform for 30 days from the day you staked, while APY can be withdrawn monthly as long as funds remain staked into the Liquidity Pool.

To read more about the Liquidity Pool APY rewards please click here

Flash Vault Listing & Airdrops

XIV holders that stake into the Liquidity pool are also entitled to XIV airdrops. Each Flash Vault project are carefully selected based on past and future strategic partnership or by community voting. These projects offer significant volatility that XIV holders can take advantage of. In order to earn a share of the airdrop all participants must stake at least 25000 XIV into the Liquidity Pool and also hold one Vault Ship One NFT on the same staked wallet. Airdropped amount will be announced at the listing date.

To read an introductory article on the Flash Vault please click here

Access to exclusive strategic early access deals.

Leveraging our strong Venture Capital partnership, Project Inverse will bring only the most exclusive deals to the Liquidity Pool stakers. This will be a tiered allocation and a lottery based system to prioritize the most impactful LP stakers while simultaneously remaining fair and inclusive to the lower entry stakers.

Guaranteed allocation amounts will vary depending on the project. Initial Allocation Staking tiers are as followed.

Allocation amounts will be released with each Project announcement. The first early access opportunity and allocation amounts will be announced tomorrow. We are excited about this opportunity to reward qualified staking participants.


We would like to thank the community, partners, and advisor for assisting in creating the Vault Pass Program. Please feel free to ask any additional questions in our support channel below.

Yours truly

The Project Inverse Team.

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