Brandefy Continues To Delight Businesses By Providing Award-Winning Video Production Post-Pandemic Video Production Services

Today, marketing is one of the most significant aspects of a business and in reality, underperformance in your marketing department efforts can result in a high turnover rate for your company. Still, proper marketing is among the key considerations in achieving and maintaining financial success. This quality is critical in assisting salespeople in enhancing their activities by educating and influencing their target customers and successfully raising awareness about the product or service.

Video production is one of the most effective mediums of advertising. Unlike in the past, video production is no longer restricted to the film industry. These days, company owners are starting to understand and appreciate the value of utilizing videos as a marketing tool. Not to mention, video content can easily pique the attention of potential clients and even influence their buying habits. Video is also not limited to any kind of information. When it comes to corporate video production, the first thing that you should consider is how to create a convincing and appealing video with outstanding quality.

Furthermore, even though video production can be intimidating for companies whose day-to-day activities don’t typically revolve around video creation, top production companies like Brandefy provide a customer-focused experience to all of their clients across the entire video production process. Brandefy’s videos are truthful depictions of relatable human experiences, and the team strongly believes that storytelling should be the heart of every video project. This is why Brandefy has the power to create videos that produce results while promoting excellence and showcasing an extraordinary appreciation of their clients’ needs and preferences.

Here is what Brandefy has to offer:

Video Production Services

TV Production

Based on recent studies, modern television will always have a place in advertisements. Countless marketing surveys conducted in recent years have shown that television advertising is still as successful as ever. According to CNBC Catalyst, internet behemoths Google, Facebook, and even Netflix already devote 60% of their marketing budgets to conventional TV advertisement output. Katya Ionova, a lead creative strategist, describes how television ads “create, develop, and evolve brands.” TV advertisements, infomercials, and direct response television (DRTV) ads are both excellent and realistic opportunities to launch new brands, and a good promotional strategy will help keep those brands alive by increasing market awareness.

Below are Brandefy’s TV Production service offers:

  • Commercials

  • Stockumercials

  • DRTV

  • Documercials & Infomercials

Web Video Production


Whether you agree or not, the pinnacle of digital marketing is web video production. In fact, a video placed on a landing page, email, website, or article can boost conversion rates, improve SEO, and double viewer engagement. Web videos come in a variety of formats that offer flexibility to every video marketer. As a matter of fact, each style of web video has its own set of advantages. Explainer videos are excellent for establishing brand confidence. Product video content has the power to keep a website alive and relevant on the Google search results page. Corporate videos provide a brief, but exciting, a summary of businesses. The best part is that they’re all shareable on various social media and video streaming sites.

Below are Brandefy’s Web Video Production service offers:

  • Intro Videos

  • Constant Content

  • Explainer Videos

  • Sizzle Reels & Editing

Aside from the above-mentioned video production services, Brandefy also provides strategic services such as Distribution and Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO).

Recent Achievements

Brandefy continues to garner remarkable success because of its outstanding services and client relations. One of the team’s achievements is being featured among the Top Video Production Companies that offer a high-quality and top-notch experience to various clients that need second-to-none video production services. The award was given by SuperbCompanies, a virtual platform that is known for its credible evaluation of businesses and their expertise.

These are the factors that made Brandefy earn this award-winning recognition:

  • Portfolio

  • Experience

  • Awards

  • Team professionalism

  • Fair prices

  • Reputation

  • Proven customer feedback

On top of that, the Brandefy team has also been recognized as one of the Top B2B Service Providers of 2021 in both, the U.S. and Los Angeles area, by UpCity!

The Brandefy team also received accoladese from UpCity’s Founder & CEO Dan Olson:

Brandefy takes a cinematic approach for every one of their clients, approaching every unique story as they would a film project. This elevated methodology is how they continue to win over their customers and is one of the reasons they have achieved this Excellence Award.”

Brandefy received the awards with great pleasure and appreciation to the people who entrusted them to tell their stories to the world.

Moving Into The Post-Pandemic Stage of Video Production

The world of film is constantly transforming – reinventing how we watch, what we watch, and why we watch videos on a daily basis. There are changes that have an effect on everyone in the environment, from viewers to advertisers to producers and even artists. And although some of these sequences have been developing for years, the pandemic has undeniably intensified them. The team at Brandefy have been paying careful attention to how video habits and consumer behaviors are changing over the last year as people around the world continue to adapt to the new normal.

Conclusively, it is undeniable that COVID-19’s introduction has greatly changed people’s personal and professional life. On a global level, companies are confronted with new and unforeseen threats like never before, like testing creative avenues to produce interactive media, developing groundbreaking content campaigns, and reaching out to a diverse audience are only a few of them. However, the change is not only limited to marketing strategies, but also encompasses teaching, sharing of information, networking, and socializing, which have made video content become an indispensable force.

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