Limytd Has Announced a Partnership with MarketPeak

Zug, Switzerland – Recently, Limytd has proudly announced the partnership with MarketPeak. Both companies share the same vision of educating people about the blockchain industry. Recently Limytd and MarketPeak decided to cooperate, rather than working against each other through competition.


About the Cooperation

Limytd set up a high-quality blockchain academy. They filmed and produced it professionally. Since MarketPeak was satisfied with the quality of their work, they reached out to implement the videos in their platform. Thanks to the cooperation, customers can now unlock the advanced academy for free.

Through this collaboration, people registered at a certain product of MarketPeak can unlock and access their academy for free through the Limytd academy homepage as well as directly implemented into the MarketPeak platform. Making use of the cooperation offer you´re even enabled to benefit from the marketing tool, developed by Limytd.

About Marketpeak Academy

Marketpeak is a community rewarding gateway blockchain and leadership education to empower people’s financial wealth. It’s a safe and secure platform and part of the PeakDeFi ecosystem. Also, the platform guarantees the best education for finance and blockchain.

One can learn how to use crypto software and DeFi. They get to learn to build a passive income by building a community.

Marketpeak also aims to address and educate the global population that isn’t aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain yet. With the majority of people worldwide owning smartphones, they can easily set up crypto wallets, trade cryptocurrencies and utilize blockchain technology. The platform is modern and people can benefit from the newest software, which makes their crypto and DeFi journey easier.

It’s easy to use as it provides a clean design and clearly structured interface that works on all devices. The educational and personal support is also top-notch. One can participate in different online courses in multiple languages.

Also, MarketPeak offers numerous live coaching each week, where individuals can get support in areas, they aren’t good at.

Limytd Blockchain Academy

The Limytd academy seeks to use the experience and the expertise of its entire team to educate the masses. Through their knowledge, they seek to make everyone understand investment in blockchain technology.

Through this academy, everyone can venture into this innovative and world-changing technology in cost-effective and profitable ways. With the help of building modules and lessons, learners can become absolute professionals.

They offer several lessons on the blockchain, some being basic while others being more advanced. Learners get to learn about the most important information in blockchain economic, financial and blockchain-based basics, all necessary crypto exchanges, blockchain lexicon, decentralized crypto exchanges and so much more.

There are also free videos from the Limytd blockchain academy that’s available on the webpage. One can purchase other academies at affordable pricing.

Importance of The Academies

Both Limytd and MarketPeak academies are valuable assets to any person who wants to venture into the blockchain industry. Both novice and more experienced users in the industry can benefit from the structured nature and in-depth knowledge found in the lessons.

There are over 100 lessons with the necessary information on blockchain and the related field. Limytd has a new and unique global tool that enables marketers to generate and process new customers online and automatically.

Team members sharpen their expertise from practising. Rather than the basics, one learns their own expert strategy on the blockchain. Learners get insights on project analysis, how to collect and research data and information on how to evaluate them independently.

Once a person gathers information from the academy, they can use it to research and evaluate on projects based on the knowledge and expertise they’ve gathered.

The goal of the academy is to provide essential knowledge required to understand the blockchain projects at large and shed light on various opportunities of investing in them. The academies want every customer to be an expert in the field of blockchain.

These academies aim to teach individuals how to excel in these opportunities and learn to differentiate between good and bad investment projects.

The academies are structured constructively. Thus, the Larger academy contain the contents of the small one. These academies are available to users for a lifetime. After receiving receipts, one can access the info anytime as well as receive updates.

The content is updated and expanded often to stay relevant. The users also get to enjoy future updates free of charge.

Customers will be able to pay for the academies through fiat money and cryptocurrency.

The cooperation between Limytd and MarketPeak seeks to benefit every interested customer. Through the knowledge and experiences of the team members, they will enable everyone interested in blockchain technology to benefit.


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